Granite Works of Waverly NY
Granite Works LLC
133 William Donnelly Parkway
Waverly, New York 14892
Phone: 607-565-7012
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Acrylic Partials/Remnants Inventory
Acrylic Surfaces ...Names/Codes
Best Use, Color Match & Countertop Movement ...Priority & Cost
Blemishes & Imperfections ... or Characterist Beauty?
Cabinets: White Luxor Kitchen Cabinets
Caesarstone Care and Maintenance
Caring For Your Stone
Countertop Block Charge ...What & Why
Countertop Care & Cleaning Educational Links & Videos
Countertop Cost Ballpark Estimator
Countertop Edge Options
Countertop Material Highlights
Countertop Material Selection
Countertop Seams Necessity, Expectation & Reality
Digital Layout
Dolomite Countertop ...Considerations & Expectations
Fissures - Cracks - Chips
Geological Activity Features
Granite Countertop ...Considerations & Expectations
Granite Works Newsletter - Featured Stones
Hanstone Care and Maintenance
Holding Slab & Partials Policy
Marble Countertop Care
Natural Stone ..Color Alternative Names
Natural Stone ..Countertop Restoration Package
Natural Stone ..Expectations & Acceptance Waiver
Natural Stone ..Hardness, Staining & Marble Sub-Groups
Natural Stone ..Investment & Considerations
Natural Stone ..Material Warranty Questions
Natural Stone ..Variations Characteristic Features
Porcelain Countertop ...Why or Why Not
Process Check List
Quartz Countertop ..Cleaning & Stains Field Guide
Quartz Countertop ..Considerations & Expectations
Quartz Countertop ..Expectations & Acceptance Waiver
Quartzite Countertops ...Care & Information
Seam Expectation & Clarification
Showroom/Warehouse Visit
Silestone Care and Maintenance
Sink Cutout ...Options & What to Expect
Sinks ...Overstock Sinks Inventory
Slab Inventory By Area
Slab Presentation & Viewing
Slab Utilization
Soapstone Countertop ...Considerations & Expectations
Stone Countertop Related Informational Videos
Stone Countertop Sealer Options
Stone Fun Facts & Thoughts

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