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Seams Expectation & Reality of Countertops

What is your threshold for variation?

Most often, SEAM ARE REQUIRED due to size, configuration, access and worker safety. For example: Slabs are produced in set sizes limiting the distance of a run or island without a seam. Countertop pieces are very heavy and require increasingly better access as size increases. Shape and stability of the countertop piece are also major factors for handling during fabrication & installation. All of these factors are considered at time of programming.


This is true with Mother Nature made and Man Made materials.

What type of person are you, do you step back for the over all view? Or do you step up and see any flaw that is present, especially at the seam location?

It is very important to talk about this before pursuing the project. Everyone fabricator has the goal of a happy client and every client should be focused on a great experience & outcome. Talking about the level of demands you are going to expect is very important.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that pricing reflect higher expectations!

This is true because a great quantity of material may be required, extra fabrication time, more programming time, more moving of slabs, extra attention to detail will also be required during templating, fabrication and installation. A miss-match in expectations can lead to a negative experience. A positive experience is the goal for all involved.

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