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Congratulations! You are considering making an investment in your home and your future and we are excited to be a part of it.

We want this process to be fun and enjoyable, but also smooth, professional and most of all, we want to ensure your upmost satisfaction.

Please take a moment to get familiar with our processes. This is a friendly informational guide to the countertop installation process.

Getting an Estimate

Narrow down your options to at least three colors. With so many beautiful options this step can sometimes be overwhelming. No worries. Our friendly sales team is here to help with that. We welcome you to our showroom to view our inventory. Bringing a sample of your cabinet, tile or other items that may affect your decision can help this process along.

LIGHTING IS A KEY PLAYER. We have many samples of our inventory available,
and we encourage you to take home samples whenever possible.
* Narrow down an edge style. These options are available to view in a completed countertop within our showroom.
* Narrow down a sink option. We have several sink options on display in our showroom, as well as faucets and lighting fixtures.
* Bring us a sketch of your project. It can be a rough sketch of your countertop with dimensions or you can work with one of our friendly sales staff to develop one.
* Narrow down a backsplash option (granite, tile, etc.) - we have several options to view in our showroom, and we can order samples for you also.

Selecting the Actual Granite Slab
* Make an appointment to view slabs. 
* Bring key items that may affect your decision. (Cabinet door, paint swatch, floor sample, tile, etc.)
* Actual slabs should be tagged & approved for your project prior to templating. We are happy to hold slabs for you for a deposit or a confirmation of order from your vendor.

Scheduling for Template and Installation

Before we can schedule anything, we need to know the scoop! Every detail of your job matters to us. Everything matters!!! Your edge profile selection could dictate how your backsplash gets fabricated for just an example.

All installations are scheduled for quick turn-a-round after your template visit as long as all your choices are in stock and available. We do offer expedited delivery as an upgraded option.

We need you there!! Please be on site at both the template and installation visits.

Cabinets receiving countertops must be permanently installed, set and level before a successful template can be created.

Digital templates are always more successful if we are able to template bare cabinetry. If this is not possible, please be sure to remove all items off of the countertop before the template visit.

If your sink was purchased outside of Granite Works, we must have access to the physical sink at the time of the template visit. It is very helpful if the sink is in the same room we are templating.

* Apron front/farm sinks must be installed prior to the template, unless the manufacturer requires otherwise.
* Any items requiring a cut out and a hole drilled must be on site at time of template, such as cook tops, down draft units, faucets, soap dispensers.
* Final determination of the seam placement is done by our fabrication team. Do you want get involved? Great!!! Take advantage of our Digital Layout option!
* Appliances that will be next to a countertop should be on site, but not necessarily installed. At template, it easier to get a more precise measurement when an appliance is NOT installed. However, we would like it on site. At installation, not having the appliance installed minimizes the risk of damage to the appliance. See your sales representative with any further questions regarding having your appliance on site.
* Please secure any pets. We would feel terrible if they got loose. Pets can also be a tripping hazard and safety is top priority.

* Signed template dimensions will be placed on your slab by our fabrication team, who will determine best placement. Some granite has variations and movement. Get involved!! These granites may require you to attend a layout session at the fabrication shop or email confirmation. Appointments should take place the day after the template visit.

* All faucets & other accessories requiring a hole to be drilled will be done during your installation visit.
* Our installation crew will install your undermount sink and/or test fit your drop in sink. Faucets & other accessories and the re-connection of your plumbing must be completed by your contractor or plumber.
* We do not caulk the top of your backsplash. We recommend using
paintable caulk.

Finishing the countertop area
* Faucets, cook tops, etc. must be installed by your contractor. Granite Works is not licensed to perform such work. We highly recommend you hire a plumber or an electrician.

ENJOY and Maintain your countertop
* Granite Works, LLC. offers a 3 pack Care Kit, a product produced by StoneTech. Using this product on a daily basis will eliminate any annual sealing.
* If you feel that the Care Kit is not right for you, you should reseal annually while using a cleaning that is geared for stone. Sealer creates a temporary barrier between a spill and your stone. Wipe up any spills as soon as possible and remember to wipe dry.
* Stay away from any cleaning products that contain vinegar, ammonia, bleach and any citric acids such as lemons or oranges.
* Placing hot pots or pans is acceptable with most stones. Use a trivet on stones that we do not recommend placing hot pots or pans on.
* Cutting on your countertop is acceptable with most stones. But don't use your favorite knife (granite can dull your knife). Protect your surface with coasters, trivets and placemats when necessary.
* We also offer hassle free Restoration Packages. Ask your Sales Associate for information.

We look forward to your project!

Please take a moment to review the following Documents. Feel free to print them. These documents are simple and easy and are required to be signed prior to scheduling. Call us with any questions. We are here to assist.

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