Granite Works of Waverly NY

CONTACTS ...Meet Our Team!

Phone: 607-565-7012

Fax: 607-565-8115

Jason VanDyke

Financial Controller
Elizabeth "Liz" Rice
Ext. 33

Stephanie Stephens
Ext. 32

Director of Sales & Marketing
Erika Molin
Ext. 34

Outside Sales
Fred Elias

Box Store Project Manager
Rai-Leigh Benjamin 
Ext. 52

Project Manager
Caitlin Centolanza
Ext. 62

Project Manager
Christi Cook
Ext. 22

Director of Continuous Improvement
Amaryah Denlinger
Ext. 28

Commercial Project Management
Jason "JJ" Hull
Ext. 34

DSMJ Properties Manager
Valerie Sorensen
Ext. 33