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Natural Stone ..Color Alternative Names

Step 1. Choose Your Countertop Stone Color!
An exciting step, however, this can be a tricky step in the process. With so many natural stone colors to choose from, one may find it hard to pick the color they love most and works with all the other kitchen colors that are already in play. Then to add a little more challenge to the task, one may be presented with multiple names for the same color. Below are a few examples that may help you navigate this step in the process.

Azul Platino
Azula Platina (Azul Platino / Grisoni) Stock

Beige Butterfly Granite (Ferro Gold / Treviso)
A Granite from Brazil with distinct warm golden areas & dark black veins

Typhoon White
Typhoon White (Thunder White / Barrow) Stock

Black Pearl
Black Pearl (Black Pearl) ... In Stock Stock

Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl (Blue Pearl) Stock

Giallo Ornamental
Celestial Shift (Giallo Ornamental) Stock

Dallas White
Crystal Couloir (Dallas White) See Moon LightStock

Bainbrook Brown
Cypress Canyon (Bainbrook Brown)Stock

Crema Caramel
Durango (Crema Caramel)Stock

Verde Butterfly
Emerald Ridge (Verde Butterfly) Stock

Masada Sun (Desert Brown) ...

Peppered Ash
Peppered Ash (Blanco Taupe) Stock

Potala Sky (Tan Brown/Cranberry Brown) ... In Stock

Valle Nevado
Roaming Mist / Bengal White (Valle Nevado)Stock

Santa Cecilia
Santa Cecilia (Santa Cecilia)Stock

Steel Gray
Steel Gray (Silver Pearl) Stock

Venetian Gold
Takoda Dawn (Venetian Gold)Stock

Talulah Pearl (Caledonia)Stock

Ubatuba (Uba Tuba)Stock

St. Lucia
Summit (St. Lucia)Stock

Tabernas Rock (Giallo Fiorito) ...
Moon River (Ornamental White) ...

Moon White
Tauro Leaf (Moon White)Stock

Jasper (White Sparkle) ...
Galactic Storm (Cosmic Black) ...
Sierra Blanca (Snow Drift) ...

White Ice
Grey Current (White Ice / Luxor)Stock

Bianco Lucre
Vena (Bianco Lucre)Stock

Salt Marsh / Kempton Park
An ivory background is accented with small veins of charcoal and deep amber

White Sands / Lamberti
Soft creamy white background highlighted by gold and brown flecks

Fantasy Brown / Bianco Azzurro
Dolomite is a sedimentary natural stone that is formed over time with magnesium-rich groundwater. Aesthetically similar to marble, soft veins with dark and light colors. Serenity Brown (Honed/Leathered Fantasy Brown)

Magma, Magma Gold, Sedna and Desert Dream

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