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Natural Stone ..Surface Finish Options

One will find a few natural stone surface finish options. Each finish gives the stone a different feel, which is often a matter of preference. Stone finish affects the stones surface absorption coefficient. A polished surface will be less absorbent than a honed or flamed finish. Testing with a bead of water is helpful to determine when resealing is needed

During slab production, a high-quality Italian transparent resin is used to fill any small fissures or pinholes that are common in natural stone. This is true with all popular finishes (Polished´╗┐, Leathered, and Honed). Some specific varieties of stone call for other products as well.

Polished is the most commonly sought after finish. This glass like smooth finish gives the stone colors a bright look. Glare and reflection is often noticed varying with angle of the light & stone color. Black stones tend to give a mirror effect. Bright sun reflection can be a concern in some situations.

Honed (Matte) is a smooth finish but not polished as high of the of a level

Leathered (Brushed/Satin) has pronounced texture, decreasing glare, giving surface a natural feel. The texture level varies depending on the density differences within the surface.

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