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Countertop ...Block Charge - What & Why

There is a fee associated with having no seam. That fee is calculated based on the sf amount of the block charged material.

Why & What is a countertop block charge?
Imagine, you have a L shape in your kitchen which is very common. You may be presented with two options.
1. Place a seam at the corner, making the L-shape into two rectangles. 2. Go with No Seam, the L-shape is cut in one piece and installed as one piece.

Option 1 results in less waste, more environmentally friendly, structurally just as strong and safer for installation crew and surroundings.

Option 2 results in no seam, more waste, less environmentally friendly, structurally just as strong, less safe for installation crew and surroundings, greater chance of breakage during installation. In this case, other charges will apply which include:
- Over size piece charge
- Help carry charge
- Block charge

The block charge adjusts the price to account for the extra waste (see photo example).

With that said, some clients still feel avoiding the seam is more important. Only you can decide which option is best for you.

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