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Quartz Countertop ...Considerations & Expectations

With all the pros for quartz countertops, it is also important to understand the cons. Knowing both will help one decide and care for a quartz countertops if chosen.

Myth 1. Quartz countertops will not stain because it is not porous.
..Being made of quartz & Resins, white quartz countertops are most vulnerable to stains from food. All quartz colors can be damaged by chemicals or cleaners.

Myth 2. Quartz countertops withstand high heat. The resins in quartz countertops is effected by high heat and/or prolonged heat. Resins (the glue) are organic (carbon based), making quartz countertops a non porous surface, however they can be damaged.

Myth 3. White is white!
"Light is perceived by the human visual system as white when the incoming light to the eye stimulates ALL three types of color (Red/Green/Blue) sensitive cone cells in the eye in roughly equal amounts. Materials that do not emit light themselves appear white" (
The color white show can show slight changes in composition, hue, shade, reflection in surface properties. Being man-made does not exclude lot variations, slab to slab variations, nor white variations within a slab. A seam between different parts of the same material can real slightly perceived differences. Lighting type and intensity may also effect these perceived variations in the white color.

Bottom Line:
Quartz has many great qualities and it is one of the best options for a bright white design look. It is however important to understand the material to better understand countertop expectations and best care for longevity.

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