Granite Works of Waverly NY

Natural Stone Countertop Restoration Package

Looks for some countertop TLC?

The Natural Stone Countertop Restoration Package Includes:

  • Overall countertop inspection
  • Deep cleaning of your granite
  • Resealing the countertop
  • Chip Repair as needed
  • Seam touch up
  • Six Month supply of Stone Tech Daily Cleaner/Sealer by DuPont
  • Enhance Edge-work
  • Additional areas (Bar tops, Fireplaces, Vanities may be included.

    Please Email photo(s) of any chip areas or other issues, with your name, full address, any additional area to include and contact information to

    * If possible, include a coin in the photo for size comparison of the issue or chip.
    * Payment is required prior to scheduling the the service visit.
    * Refunds are not an option, before payment, be sure this is the service you are looking for. Scheduling is started after payment.

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