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Best Use, Color Match & Countertop Movement ...Priority & Cost

After picking your countertop color, backsplash option and going over seam placement, you may be ask to prioritize a couple of other parameters before fabrication proceeds.

Best Use is focused on full utilization of the slab. Decreasing waste is best for our environment and best for keeping cost down.

Color Match is most likely achieved when the complete countertop is cut from the same slab. Cutting from the same lot is considered to be the next best situation. Color match with very white quartz is challenging, lighting intensity, angle of light and type of light are all compounding factors. Variation with the same slab is possible

Movement refers to the flow of the pattern. Some color patterns show no movement.

In an ideal world, Best Use, Perfect Color Match and Flowing Movement Design co-exist on every custom countertop job. This is not always the reality. In some cases, the job will fit on one slab for best use & color match, However, due to Stone movement, one would like to go into a second slab to get better flow. This would create several concerns, 1. It leads to more waste 2. Increased cost 3. It increases the chance of color mismatch, especially with white quartz.

What Options Do I Have?

We always focus on best use, over movement, unless the customer budgets for special alternative options. Digital layout is required to see the countertop movement prior to fabrication. The cost of going into another slab can then be considered and weighed against the potential color mismatch. Revisiting seam placement may be advise in some situations.

A couple of points that may help you prioritize:
- Does the best use layout movement flow adversely effect the countertop beauty if standing in the kitchen.
- Flow across the seam may have a higher priority then flow of an island compared to an L countertop.
- How pronounced the countertop movement is may be a factor to weigh against additional cost.

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