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Why Granite?

Why Granite?

For centuries granite and marble have adorned palaces like the Taj Mahal, the pillars of Cathedrals all over the world, and even the White House. Next to diamonds, granite is the most durable natural stone in the world.

Granite, the earth's most plentiful and durable stone, finds new and surprising applications in a modern world millions of years after it was formed deep within the earth. Granite is an igneous rock. Granite is actually magma which has solidified over millions of years and cooled. It is then removed from quarries in a huge block form. It is then cut down into different sizes by a diamond wire saw which slices it like bread! The slabs are then placed on a conveyer belt to a site to be polished by a high resin polishing machine. Once the slabs are done being polished they are put into containers to be shipped all over the world.

Granite can withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees without damaging the surface or the integrity of the stone. It is virtually indestructible and is very easy to maintain. No harsh abrasive cleaners are needed. Only dish soap and water. The minerals that make up granite (mica, quartz, feldspar, and hornblende) cannot harbor any bacteria so therefore worrying about using bleach for clean up is a thing of the past! So why wouldn't you choose granite over all those other surfaces? It has many advantages over them.

Traditionally used for beautiful memorials, today granite is making its place in homes and businesses as more and more people are discovering the beauty and versatility of this natural product.

Granite can be used to achieve a warm or cool look; it can be rustic or refined, casual or elegant. Because it is one of the hardest materials available, it is also virtually maintenance free. Unlike many other surfaces, our granite will not stain. Due to the hardness of the stone, you can cut directly on a granite surface without scratching the surface and without dulling your knives.

Granite offers an ageless beauty and timeless durability to any home. Whether it be kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace hearths, or granite floors. Granite has withstood the test of time; we're sure it can withstand your home.

Granite Works has 100's of slabs in stock with more coming in every week. We can offer you a vast variety of beautiful, colorful, striking granite. Feel free to come to the shop and browse our inventory of stones, or look online at samples. Granite Works has very competitive pricing, even when compared to other alternative products. So please, contact us and let us make the ultimate product for you.

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