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Dolomite Countertop ...Considerations & Expectations

Dolomite is similar to Marble in look and characteristics, except, it is denser and harder due to the addition of Magnesium to the Calcium Carbonate (MgCaCO3). Dolomites offer some to the whiter natural stone options with softer flowing movement and may cantain hues of brown, pink, black, and green.

Fantasy Brown, Fantastic Brown, Silver Cloud, Supreme White, Raffaello, Super White, Panda, Shadow Storm, Aurelius Black, Aurelius White, Black Raven and Calacatta Da Vinci are a few of the beautiful Dolomite Countertop Options.

Dolomite is a sedimentary rock, which is the result of limestone and lime mud into contact with groundwater rich in magnesium, giving, this stone a similarities to limestone in composition and color schemes. Dolomite may also be called dolostone.

Dolomite is not as hard and resistant as granite or quartzite nor as soft as marble, all stones that can last decades, remaining beautiful if care is taken.

This stone is very resistant to wear and tear, and although it is more prone to cracking and chipping than granite, it most likely won’t happen.

Dolomite is both less liquid absorbent and less sensitive to acids than marble. However, it still requires periodic (most likely annual) sealing. And acids are a no-no, dolomite will etch if exposed to them.

Each slab is unique, which makes for truly aesthetic appealing designs, offering a great countertop look!

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