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Countertop ...Material Selection

Color is very important, however not the only consideration.

For Example

Some granites require more seams because they are fragile – and may require a seam at the sink especially if you want a large sink.

Products with veins may require extra material – and therefore extra cost, to match at the seam

Some quartz products are designed not to match at seams. The fabricator cannot make them match.

Very white quartz are more likely to show slight shade differences

Soapstone will show more marks and scratches – however they are easily dealt with but it requires maintenance.

Most marbles stain easier, use & maintain sealers if you do choose a marble.

Some colors mark more readily in use than other colors

Some granites are smooth and shiny, others with more exotic charactics, contain natural pitts and fissures and possibly even some areas of factory repair. Look & decide carefully to avoid disappointment.

Not all granites are equally suitable for outside use – some contain resins that may discolor over time in the sun.

Some products can be easily damaged by heat

Solid surface products can be made seamless for hygiene – most stone tops will require seams.

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